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  • Zinc Reference Materials

    See below for text and video resources which aim to help you: familiarize with the Zinc system, learn more about the nuts and bolts of our features and functions and explain the Zinc methodology.  

    Zinc User Guide:

    Zinc SpringBoard-specific User Guide:

    How to Videos (enter password "zinctraining" when prompting):

    Happy Zincing!


    Zinc Support

  • Registering for Zinc via SpringBoard

    Welcome SpringBoard users!  

    We've streamlined the Zinc registration process.  Go ahead and follow the steps below and you'll have access to the Zinc platform within minutes:

    1. Login to your SpringBoard account. 
    2. On the SpringBoard dashboard, click the Zinc tile.
    3. Once prompted, fill out the form in the middle of the resulting page.  

    Note: you'll need at least one active class on your SpringBoard account to use Zinc - it's ok to create a dummy class and remove once your real ones are in place.  


    Questions or issues, please feel free to contact us at




  • Adding Students to Classes

    The easiest way is to give your student a sign-up code and have them join a class themselves.  Instructions for that are here.

    If you prefer to add students yourself, though, sign-in and navigate to your Admin screen. Click on the 'Students' tab, next to your 'Classes' tab.

    Then, select 'Add Students' and enter the emails of the students you wish to add to your class, separated by commas and add them to the class.


    If the student has an account on Veritas, using that email address, it will email them a link which they can use to be

  • Class Code/ Student Sign-Up Code

    Click a link below to go directly to that section or read the entire article What is a class code? I'm a student, where's my class code? I'm a teacher, where do I find the class code to give to my students? 

    What is a class code?

    Also known as a student sign-up code, this is the code that students use to add themselves to a class.  This allows them to receive assignments from their teachers, and see how they're doing against their class.  If a student isn't in a class, their teacher can't track their progress, either.  

    I'm a

  • Can I stop getting emails from you?

    Of course you can! We just like to be friendly. 

    If you're receiving the weekly newsletter and would rather not do so, just click the unsubscribe button on the bottom of the email.

    If you'd rather not receive emails from the Learning Labs system about decks, assignments, etc.:

    1. Sign in to your account and navigate to the 'profile' button on the top right-hand corner (whether you have student or teacher account):

    2. On the profile page, scroll to the bottom of the screen and uncheck 'Receive Notifications from Veritas'. Be sure to click Save Settings.

    As always, if you have